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prep picture(Sliders represent dirt consistency).



josmotophotos"My name is Joanna McMorris Duvall and the first time I shot pictures was in February of 2007 at Cross Creek Cycle Park in Paige, TX. My son Will and I were first introduced to Motocross then by Wills piano teacher and now friend Britt Cawthon. He asked us to come watch him race and he was going to teach Will how to ride a dirt bike. Well that was the beginning of the love for Motocross with Will and myself. Britt would ask me to take pictures of certain riders with his camera which I did but eventually I bought my first DSLR camera a Canon Rebel. The photography just slowly progressed over the years and now I shoot with a Nikon D7100. I started taking more pictures as I got more comfortable being out there with the riders and seeing all the awesome things they can do with the bikes. I decided to officially start a Facebook page and a website in March of 2011 and that's when Josmotophotos came to be. Kory Bard is the one who did the graphic design for the watermark that goes on my photos. I've never had professional training just hands on experience with the camera and reading tips on the computer. I presently live in Kyle Texas with my 2 oldest boys Drew and Daniel both who are on the Autism spectrum and my frisbee loving Border Collie Kato. My youngest boy William the MX rider lives and works in Austin. Besides photography I love music. I currently sing in the choir at Hyde Park Baptist Church in Austin. I also study private voice, play the guitar and write Christian music and poetry."

davisdphotoDavis Deberry takes some astonishing photographs of Central Texas motocross. He is a great asset to the community and we are glad to have him out at ADVMX.